Hooligans answer the call for a child in need

When I got involved in the Local Motorcycle scene here in West Michigan I had so much to learn. The most important thing I’ve learned thus far is how generous the biker community is. The Facebook Group that i am involved with, The Hooligan Nation, is no exception. With over 2000 members in the core group from 17 states and 22 countries, they come out in force. 

Little Jessa needs open Heart Surgery

When we got the call that the daughter of two of our members was in need of open heart surgery, we knew we had to help. Mike and Becca Spillane have been members for over two years and have been on countless rides with us. They have donated to many other benefits for those in need. They have participated in our benefits to the tune of having spent thousands of their own money.




Meet Little Jessa

Jessa is a curious, adorable 6 year old. She likes to laugh and play like any other 6 year old. She lives with her family in Southwest Michigan. I had the opportunity to meet this little princess on Sunday, May 2 of this year. She greeted me with a big smile and a fist bump before she ran off laughing to play with the other children.

Hooligan Nation Bikers

The little Jessa Benefit ride

Shane Mori, who owns Iron Addiction Customs Motorcycle repair shop in Plainwell, stepped up to take over planning and leading a benefit ride. We met up with well over 100 other riders from around West Michigan at the Curley Cone ice cream shop in Wayland, MI. The ice cream was delicious and the fellowship with the other riders is always welcome. Shane coordinated with Dan Drum, Vice President of the local chapter of the Blacktop Saints, to arrange for blocking. Over 100 riders came out and generously donated and rode a beautiful route through southwest Michigan in the name of little Jessa that day. We all wish Little Jessa a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Hooligan Nation Logo

To get involved

If you would like to get involved with the Hooligan Nation you can find links to our social media back on our home page. We have a podcast you can find on YouTube, a private page for members on Facebook, as well as a public page. Ride safe and keep the sticky side down!

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